Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is intended to enhance the highest quality of all forms of work in the Camera Department and to provide the public and film industry with confidence in this career. It is also intended as a guide and guide to learners and photography enthusiasts-videography-cinematography. Therefore Malaysian Society of Cinematographers @ MySC sets the following: –

Cinematographer / DoP and those working in film and television production are responsible for the following standards in their day-to-day work:

1. Accurate and comprehensive in making camera engineering design.

2. Honestly in predicting technical requirements in filming.

3. Maintain and respect workers under supervision of an individual contract / profession. In accordance with rules and laws that are mutually recognized.

4. Use all the science of photography / cinematography as well as film production knowledge with respect and achievement.

5. Do not commit sedition / provocation against individuals in the area of ​​the camera or other filmmakers who are detrimental to production, and should the leader be able to unite or negotiate with our above leaders, the Publisher or the Director.

6. Choosing and employing a crew that is competent in accordance with job descriptions or standard competence.

7. Not accepting and providing costs, rewards or compensation to anyone but the Production Manager if not specified in the employment contract and the organization.

8. Do not intentionally sabotage other individual or production efforts.

9. Do not take the job in the position below when it is done in a certain position.


1. Respect and comply with written obligations contracted for work

2. Ensure all equipment has been tested before filming;

3. Ensure that employees are adequately selected for camera parts and understand the responsibilities of their work;

4. Ensure the safety of all equipment;

5. Respect and use polite language among fellow crews;

6. Ensuring visual interpretation is the same as the vision of the Director;

7. Be professional in the attitude of employment;

8. Monitoring and giving responsibility as a leader for supervised workers;

9. Maintain self-discipline and crew below;

10. Make sure all equipment is returned in good condition;

11. Give opinion to the Director honestly on every shoot, and consult with him on a regular basis;

12. Attend and participate in all daily meetings;

13. Plan daily logs / records;

14. Keep up to date on technological advances by attending seminars, workshops and exhibitions, etc.;

15. Adhere to the rules and regulations of the production of the film set.