Type of Membership

MySC have list of Membership type, candidate who wish to apply any below membership must fulfill below criteria

Full Member

Full Membership

  1. Citizenship: Malaysia
  2. Minimum Age: 21 years
  3. Area / State of Residence Member: Malaysia
  4. Descendants / Nations: All
  5. Gender: All
  6. Religion: All
  7. Other Membership Criteria:
    Consists of Director of Photography who works actively as Director of Film and Television Photography locally. Has Demonstrated An Extraordinary Ability In Career. Membership is by invitation and application only. Applicants will be evaluated by the Valuer Panel.



  • Registration: RM 101.50
  • Per Year: RM 121.50
Associate Membership

Associate Membership

Open to those who do not meet the criteria of ordinary experts and have no right to draw. They are:
  1. Camera Operator
  2. Focus Puller
  3. Camera Assistant
  4. DIT
  5. Data Wrangler
  6. Clapper / Loader Movie


Fee (Malaysian)

  • Registration: RM 61.50
  • Per Year: RM 101.50

Fee (Non-Malaysian)

  • Registration: RM 3901.50
  • Per Year: RM101.50
Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is offered to companies or organizations providing services, goods or equipment to the National Film industry and sharing MySC goals and goals. Corporate members are not eligible to vote.



  • Registration: RM 101.50
  • Per Year: RM 1001.50
Student Membership

Student Membership

Students are those who are still in school and in Higher Education who take courses or study in the field of cinematography and get permission from the faculty and parents of students. Students are not entitled to vote.



  • Registration: RM 51.50
  • Per Year: RM 61.50