Underwater Cinematography: Basic Underwater Course Series #1

Underwater Cinematography: Basic Underwater Course Series #1

MySC dengan kerjasama Finas akan mengadakan kursus pertama ‘Underwater Cinematography’ iaitu ‘Basic Underwater Course Series #1’. Pada series pertama ini kita mempersiapkan peringkat awal pengetahuan ‘Open Water Dive’ dan di sertifikasi/verifikasikan oleh Scuba Schools International (SSI).

Tarikh: 17hb. – 20hb. Julai 2017.

Lokasi: Pulau Tenggol, Trengganu.

Target Jumlah Peserta: 15 orang

Biaya: Percuma


  • Mempersiapkan pekerja filem dengan pengetahuan bekerja di dalam air,
  • Mendapat sertifikasi diver,
  • Mencari bakat bakat baru,
  • Mempersiapkan pekerja filem peluang pekerjaan dengan kemahiran baru.


  • Melahirkan pekerja filem tempatan yang mahir untuk bidang ‘Underwater Filming’
  • Menambah sudut penceritaan dari dalam air: samada di dasar laut,di dalam sungai/tasik atau kolam.
  • Lokasi yang bertambah, tidak terbatas di daratan sahaja

Target Peserta

  • Film Director
  • Dop
  • Assistant Camera
  • Camera Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Key Grip
  • Location Manager

Output & Outcome

  • Menghasilkan kepakaran khusus dalam penggambaran di dalam air.
  • Peserta mempunyai sertifikasi yang di ikhtiraf.
  • Peserta juga di latih untuk menjadi tenaga pengajar di masa hadapan.
  • Industri akan mempunyai lebih ramai pakar khusus dan tidak perlu berharap kepada tenaga mahir dari luar.

Training Module

Open Water Diver (OWD) Course

  • The syllabus for OWD course is divided into three (3) parts – Academic, Confined Water and Open Water training. This course structure aims to provide necessary skills and knowledge to the entry level diver, thus enabling him/her to explore the underwater world competently and safely.
  • Course Structure:
  • 1) Academic (Knowledge Development).Six (6) modules (power point presentation and independent study). Six (6) knowledge reviews and final exam. Instructor elaboration.
  • 2) Confined Water (Skill Development). Six (6) confined water training. 200m swim or 300m snorkel swim.  10 minutes survivals float.
  • 3) Open Water (Skill Assessment). Four (4) open water dives must be completed to earn certification.

Course Duration & Itinerary

  • Duration: 4 days 3 Nights
  • Itinerary:
  • Day#1
  • Arrival and welcome brief
  • 1) Academic (Knowledge Development).Six (6) modules (power point presentation and independent study).
  • Day#2
  • Six (6) knowledge reviews and final exam. Instructor elaboration.
  • 2) Confined Water (Skill Development). Six (6) confined water training. 200m swim or 300m snorkel swim.  10 minutes survivals float.
  • Day#3
  • 3) Open Water (Skill Assessment). Four (4) open water dives must be completed to earn certification.
  • Day#4
  • Certification Open Water Diver by  SSI as well certification from MySC & FINAS
  • Depart back.

Resume Tenaga pengajar



NAME                          Izwar Muzany Zakri bin Mohamed Zakri

IC NUMBER                 690104-10-6741

DOB                            4 January 1969

ADDRESS                    10, Lorong Chanderai, Bukit Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

MARITAL STATUS       Married
CONTACT­                            +855 92 586 669

+855 68 511 655

+60 12 209 0030





Over 23 years of experience working on international brands and also local brands from Malaysia, Indonesia,Vietnam and now, Cambodia.

Reads and writes English and Bahasa Malaysia rather fluently. Speaks Cantonese, Vietnamese and Khmer too, if you consider swearing a language.

Having started out as an Art Director, he made the switch to writing 2 years later after his Creative Group Head told him that he was giving his writer an easy time by writing most of the headlines. And that he was a far far far (yes, it was mentioned 3 times) better writer than he was an Art Director – this came just after winning the only silver award (for Art Direction) at the Kancils, behind the industry’s sifu who took the Gold.

Izwar’s approach to work is often based on insights – be it for a simple activation idea or an Above-The-Line (ATL) campaign idea. Much as he loves winning awards, he feels more rewarded when he hears people (consumers, not award judges) actually talking about the clients’ campaigns and some, actually recalling them 5-6 years some even 9 years later.

And one the greatest “award” he feels he has received came in the shape of a phone call he got from his ex client, who found greener (and very fertile) pastures in a brand consultation agency, offering him a job.


Loves to travel, scuba dive and dabble in photography. Prior to being posted in Viet Nam, he was always found on islands the likes of Tioman (Malaysia) on weekends, taking groups of leisure divers on their dives at Fisherman Divers, Tioman.

He often left people in awe with his bravery, too – willing to endure grueling 12-hour bus rides to Nha Trang (from Ho Chi Minh City) for quickie dive trips with his equally brave dive buddies.

He has yet to explore the mucks of Cambodian waters.



Institution            SM Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ   Certificate     SRP        1984-1986

Institution                Victoria Institution               Certificate    SPM         1987-1988

Institution            Cambridge Tutor’s College, Croydon, UK        Certificate             A-Levels     1989

Institution                Kent Institute of Art & Design       Certificate                Diploma        1990-1993

Institution                University of Central Lancashire     Certificate                BA (Hons) Advertising & Communication Design


1994 – 1998

Agency                     Dentsu, Young & Rubicam

Position                     Art Director / Copywriter

Clients                       Sony Malaysia


Philip Morris
Colgate Palmolive

UMW Toyota

Guinness Anchor Berhad (Tiger Beer)



  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • As art Director, was responsible to the “look and feel” of every communication work that was produced, ensuring that it fit the brand’s CI and brand guidelines
  • To produce work for clients that answered the advertising briefs and strategies, with creative directions from Creative Group Heads
  • Worked as a team of Copywriter and Art Director to ideate work for clients listed above
  • Participated in new business pitches
  • Produce initiative work to win at advertising award shows to increase company profile
  • Reported to the Creative Group Head, Executive Creative Director
  • The main creative team for clients like Sony and Colgate Palmolive



Awards won : (Creative)
London Clios for work on Sony (TV, MiniDIsc, Walkman), Colgate Palmolive

(Catagories : Electronics, Household – Single Entry, Campaign, Art Direction)

4As Kancils work for Colgate Palmolive, Sony, Toyota

(Catagories : Electronics, Household – Single Entry, Campaign, Art Direction)

Asian Advertising Awards (Gold) for Colgate Palmolive
SPIKES ASIA – Sony (Mini Disc)

Sony Awards (Japan) – Best Print advertising (Mini Disc)

 1998 – 1999

Agency                     Spyder D’Arcy Sdn Bhd

Position                     Senior Copywriter

Clients                       Kedah Tourism

Mead Johnson

British Council

MARS Confectionary

Ministry of Health


  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • Ideate and produce work for clients listed above
  • Worked hand in hand with the client service team on brand strategies, communication directions, and executions of the work – be it to supervise photo shoots, tv commercial shoots, etc.
  • Produce initiative work to win at advertising award shows to increase company profile
  • Participated in new business pitches
  • Reported to the Creative Group Head, Executive Creative Director


  • Awards won : (Creative)

4AS Kancils for MoH –Poster, TV, Campaign, Copywriting

ADFest – MoH – Copywriting

1999 – 2003

Agency                     Leo Burnett KL

Position                     Senior Copywriter

Clients                       Bumiputra Commerce Bank


Petronas Motorsports

Philip Morris

System Televisyen Berhad (TV3, 8TV)

Putrajaya Holdings

Ministry of Agriculture (FAMA)

Malaysia Airline System

Auto Bavaria (BMW)


Honda Corporation (Regional)

Star Cruises


  • Ensuring creative output is up to par with the Leo Burnett standard set by the Executive Creative Directors, Yasmin Ahmad and Ali Mohamed.
  • Ideate, produce and execute own work, dealing with production houses, photographers and photo retouchers.
  • Supervised with the other members of the brand team various television commercial preproduction, shoots and post production.
  • Supervised with agency producer, on sound recordings, music composition and mixing for television commercials and radio commercials
  • Developing and executing creative strategies for client brands
  • Participated in new business pitches with the Executive Creative Director
  • Reported directly to the Executive Creative Directors


– Main creative team that pitched for, and won the TV3 account.
– Main creative team that pitched for, and won FAMA account

– Part of the team that pitched and won the Malaysia Airlines account
– Produced a series of commercials for TV3 that are still remembered today. One of the TV commercials got featured in an international publication

  • Work done for BCBB got high recall amongst consumers and the client’s competition (ie Maybank and Hong Leong)
  • Awards won : (Creative)

4As Kancil for

– RSPCA (Posters, art Direction)

– TV3 (World Cup campaign),

– BCBB (Homeloan campaign, TV)

– Petronas Motorsports (Animation)

SHOTS international

– TV3 (Makan Bola) – Submission / honorable mention

2004 – 2005

Agency                     Ogilvy KL

Position                     Senior Copywriter/Group Head

Clients                       P&G – Dove

Maxis (post paid)

Media Prima (8TV)

Post Cereals



  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client

service on various projects.

  • Managed the team’s creative output (ideation, execution) for Maxis with limited staff
  • Manage the creative output for Dove
  • Reported to the Executive Creative Director


– Maxis signed a contract with Ogilvy for 2 years to do work for Post Paid sector.


Agency                     EURO RSCG

Position                     Group Head

Clients                       Hotlink


New business pitches


  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • Participated in new business pitches
  • Reported to the Creative Group Head, Executive Creative Director


Agency                     BBDO Malaysia

Position                     Group Head

Clients                       Hotlink



  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • Managing teams of Art Directors and Copywriters on ideation and brainstorming sessions
  • Reported directly to Creative Director


Pitched for, and won the TV9 business

Awards :
Adfest – Bronze for coral conservation

2007 – 2008

Agency                     Grey Group, Malaysia

Position                     Associate Creative Director

Clients                       GSK – Ribena, Horlicks, Eyemo, Sensodyne


Baskin Robbins

Sime AXA Assurance



Genting Resorts

Perodua Corporate

SARA LEE – Ambi Pur

Alliance Cosmetics – Silky Girl, Mitchum

Jotun Paints


  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • Participated in new business pitches
  • Managing a team of Art Directors and Copywriters
  • Guiding / leading the teams with set KPIs and helping the growth of the teams
  • Reported to the Managing Director/CEO



  • Pitched for, and won DIGI Malay market (worth, undisclosed amount)
  • Awards won
  • Kancil 4As for Star TV
  • London One Show Interactive (for Star TV)

2008 – 2010

Agency                     J Walter Thompson, Vietnam

Position                     Creative Director

Clients                       HSBC


FORD regional

PepsiCo (Local & Regional)

– Pepsi

– PepsiMax

– 7 up

– Cheetos

– Lays

– POCA chips

Liberty Insurance


  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • Participated in new business pitches
  • Guiding junior teams of Art Directors and Copywriters on conceptualizing, technical know-how, writing and ideating for TV commercials,
  • Doing creative strategy
  • Reported to the Executive Creative Director & Managing Director


– Pitched for and won Mobifon advertising business (worth USD5 million)

– Pitched for and won Viertnam Airlines (undisclosed amount)

– Pitched and won work for FORD regional

– Gained clients’ trust on most brand work – HSBC, NOKIA and PEPSICO (resulting in more brands being awarded to the agency to handle) – Client offered a position as Creative Consultant in his new Strategic Brand Consultancy agency he set up upon leaving PepsiCo.

Awards :
NOKIA World Marketing awards (Sweden)  – Runners up best marketing and innovative work for OVI

2010 – 2012

Agency                     Asatsu DK, Vietnam

Position                     Creative Director

Clients                       Toshiba Electronics


Honda Motors

Mistubishi Electrics


  1. Rohto


  • Ensuring completion day to day work on time, and smooth dealings with clients, client service on various projects.
  • Participated in new business pitches
  • Assisting head office (ASATSU TOKYO) on new business pitches
  • Reported to the Managing Director



Pitched for and won a number of jobs/projects for Honda


2012 – 2014

Agency                     Phibious Cambodia

Position                     Creative Chief

Clients                       Cellcard (Telco)

Coca Cola

– Cocal Cola

– Dasani

– Minute Maid


Cambodia Airports

Biona Cosmetics



Guiding the teams to grow, encouraging growth within and nuture skills. At the same time, managing the department on limited budgets and manpower.

Encouraging the industry to grow in Cambodia


– Pitched for, and won Cellcard business (worth USD10 million per annum). Resulting in reversing the agency’s fortunes and recover from negative overheads.

– Was part of the team that won Campaign Brief Asia’s Agency of the year for IndoChina (Bronze) in 2014.

– A lot of the work produced for Cellcard garnered very high recalls in post-campaign research and surveys – a first for an agency based in Cambodia.



Agency                     Solidus Asia

Position                     Executive Creative Director

Clients                       PepsiCo Cambodia


New business pitches


Ensuring that the band’s live performance sounds right and at their best to the audience in real time.


Agency                     K+Z

Position                     Co-Founder / Creative Director

Clients                       Metfone (Telco)

CIMB Cambodia

Lion Group Cambodia

Chip Mong Group

FOGG Body Spray



Pitched for and won most of the accounts / clients mentioned above.



Qualification Level            Dive Professional – PADI DIVEMASTER (#494127)

NAUI Nitrox DIver

Certification Date              2008

Number of Dives                 1359
Dive guide                               Fisherman Divers, Tioman 2007-2008

Angel Dive, Nha Trang Vietnam (2008-2011)


Shoots for a hobby.

Published work : Reef Check Malaysia

Tenaga Pengajar #2


Name                       Muhamad Riduan Bin Abdul Rahim.

Address                   No. 49 Jalan Mahkota 9

Seksyen 9,

Bandar Bukit Mahkota,

43000 Kajang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Email                        godive@fishermandivers.com.

Mobile                    (+6) 019 953 1412.

D.O.B                       28 September 1974.

Status                      Single.


Capable of achieving objectives either individually or as a team player, demonstrated by job experience and qualifications achieved. Good interpersonal skills developed through exposures to multi-level communications professionally and socially. Possesses strong and goal-oriented personality and able to solve problems either analytically or creatively with flexible approaches.


2012 – Present.

Company               Fisherman Divers Travel & Leisure Sdn Bhd.

Position                 Director.

Key responsibilities

  1. a) Managed daily operations. Represented the company at sales shows and exhibitions (e.g: Malaysia International Dive Expo [MIDE], etc).
  2. b) Managed overall budget of dive resort which includes preparing current budget and managing expenses.
  3. c) Analyzed sales figures of dive resort from time-to-time and sets future targets accordingly.
  4. d) Identified resource requirements and assigned responsibilities to different sales staff through proper coordination.
  5. e) Helped in resolving critical issues related to sales and escalated important matters to upper management.
  6. f) Communicated with clients and merchants to improve and develop business relationships cordially, in addition to maintaining constant follow-up on their feedback.
  7. g) Supervised resort teams in performing different operations efficiently and flawlessly.
  8. h) Supervised front office functions of resort such as receiving and handling guests. Prepared work schedule and allocated responsibility to staff as per direction.
  9. i) Oversee the development, production and implementation of a series of pre and post dive check off lists for daily operations.
  10. j) Developed and implemented emergency / contingency procedures.
  11. k) Conducted the planning and detailed briefing of diving team and support personnel.
  12. l) Critiqued the dive with the dive team upon completion and instruct the diver(s) as to improvements in procedures and routines for future dives.
  13. m) Conducted Job Safety and Environmental Analysis reviews and toolbox meetings with all members of diving team prior to diving activity.
  14. n) Personally verified that all personnel in the dive team are qualified and physically able to perform tasks assigned. Make an assessment of the physical condition of the divers prior to each dive to determine if any physical impairment is present which would be detrimental to their health and safety.
  15. o) Arranged for the provision of any facilities or additional equipment required.
  16. p) Ensure that all operating instructions, manuals, decompression tables, treatment schedules and regulatory publications are available at the dive location and are maintained to reflect current and / or developments.
  17. q) Assisted in carrying out important functions related to maintenance and renovations of dive resort. Planned and organized accommodations, diving, catering and etc.

2002 – 2012

Company               Sime Darby Plantation Sdn Bhd.

Position             Senior Manager.

Year                       2002 – 2012

Key responsibilities

  1. a) Management and supervision of all phases and aspects of estate operations including agricultural practices such as field maintenance and upkeep, harvesting, replanting and nursery administration.
  2. b) Responsible in enhancing and maintaining the productivity and welfare of over 150 skilled and general workers.
  3. c) Required to employ multi-level communication in daily interaction with the intention to convey the message effectively among colleague including the Head Office personnel, relevant stakeholders such as buyers and suppliers, regulatory bodies and enforcement agencies (e.g: PDRM, Fire Department, Department of Environment, Department of Occupational Safety and Health, etc).
  4. d) Ensured appropriate procurement of all production, construction and maintenance materials, including spare parts.
  5. e) Sourced and rated negotiation of material locally with proper incomers, delivery time and quality.
  6. f) Managed and trained staff in the operation of logistics, procurement, warehousing and materials systems.
  7. g) Analyzed contracts for effectiveness, identifying areas of weakness and implementing improvements to increase margins. Assisting in tender agreements, providing quality information pertaining to bids.
  8. h) Direct involvement in planning and execution of Sime Darby Plantation Eco-Tourism Resort located at Kempas Devon Estate, Jasin, Melaka.

1996 – 2002

Company               Malaysia Airlines System Berhad. (MAS)

Position                 Assistant Manager – Flight Operations.

Key responsibilities

  1. a) Development and implementation of training programs and standard performance evaluation of cabin crew.
  2. b) Organized training and development programs for managerial & non-managerial employees.
  3. c) Active involvement in continuous evaluation of the standard operating procedures and implementation of improvement measures in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of flight operation processes.
  4. d) Conducted performance appraisals as required; formulating and implementing corrective actions as needed.
  5. e) Managed the complete recruitment life cycle for sourcing the best talent from diverse sources after identification of manpower requirements.
  6. f) Working to resolve employee complaints involving working conditions, harassment, disciplinary actions, etc. according to company policies and applicable legal requirements.
  7. g) Ensured appropriate staffing levels; maintaining files of employees & related documentation.
  8. h) Developed various reports for management which make it easy to make decisions regarding the current resources.


2007/2008          : Young Managers Development Program (YMDP).

Sime Darby Berhad.

Sime Darby Convention Centre

Bukit Kiara

Kuala Lumpur


1992-1995           : Bachelor in Business Administration (Human Resource).

First Class Honors (CGPA: 3.8)

MARA Institute Of Technology (ITM)

Shah Alam

Selangor Darul Ehsan


1987-1991           : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (S.P.M)

Grade: 1.

Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College)

Johor Bahru

Johor Darul Takzim



  1. Dive Control Specialist.
  2. Open Water Instructor.
  3. Advanced Open Water Instructor.
  4. Specialty Instructor – Perfect Buoyancy.
  5. Specialty Instructor – Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx).
  6. Specialty Instructor – Diver Stress & Rescue.
  7. Specialty Instructor – React Right (FA, CPR, AED, O2).
  8. Specialty Instructor – Deep Diving.
  9. Specialty Instructor – Night & Limited Visibility.
  10. Specialty Instructor – Navigation.
  11. Specialty Instructor – Search & Recovery.


  1. Dependable.
  2. Communication.
  3. People Skills.
  4. Aggressive and Persistent.
  5. Multi-Tasking.
  6. Problem Solver.


  1. As a Dive Instructor for Scuba Schools International (SSI) in Recreational Scuba Diving, I have instructed and certified the safety of other divers and sustained my dive experiences.
  1. Motorcycling (Safety Officer of HOG Malaysia Chapter), involved and worked closely with Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Sabah, Sabah Tourism Board and Sabah Parks on Asia Harley Day (2013) and Malaysia International HOG Rally (2014).

Tenaga Pengajar #3


NAME                          Emran Bin Taib

IC NUMBER                 771214-14-6175

DOB                             14 Dec 1977

ADDRESS                     34, Taman Grandview, Ampang Jaya, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

CONTACT­                      012 383 1412




1 – Secondary

Institution       Victoria Institution

Year                 1990-1994

Certificate       SPM

2- College

Institution       Ocean Institute of Audio Technology, KL

Year                 1995-1997

Certificate       Diploma in Audio Engineering

3 – University

Institution       Middlesex University, London, England

Year                 1997-1999

Certificate       BA (Hons) Sonic Arts

WORK EXPERIENCE (1997 – 2017)
1 – Lead Sound Engineer for Malaysia’s R&B group : Innuendo (1996 – 2001)

Concerts and performances notably INNUENDO LIVE at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre, London


Ensuring that the band’s live performance sounds right and at their best to the audience in real time.
This include overseeing :

1 – sound equipment tuning and live mixing

2 – front –of-house (FOH) Sound, controlling the sound from the main speakers.

3 – monitoring the system to ensure the performers are hearing the correct mixes in their ear pieces or floor monitors while performing.

4 – the assisting of one or more specific performers on equipment sound tech.

5 – running audio for all the shows. In this case, the band itself is the constant in the equation

6 – maximising the sound quality for challenging and difficult location acoustical locations – be it indoor stages or outdoor.

7 – solving sound-related problems on the spot.

2 – Lead Sound Engineer for Caravan of Praise (2015-present)

Responsibilities :
Planning and shooting videos of the group’s performances

Setting up sound equipment for live performances

3 – Sound Engineer for TV commercials, reality shows and documentaries


Overall sound recording on set

This include :

1 – provision of right equipment for recording

2 –  ensuring the quality of recording.
3 – managing the acoustics on set

4 – collaborating with production house location manager/producer on sound requirements.

4 – Videographer / Director / Editor / Underwater Videographer


Overall shooting process of a video – from conceptualization to the finished material.

This includes :

1 – Ideation of project / job with production team and client

2 – writing the script with  team of scriptwriters or alone (pending on budgets)

3 – finalising the storyline and subject(s) / topics to shoot.

4 – location sourcing wth production house

5 – planning the shoot board /with director or when directing

6 – editing footages shot using specialized editing softwares

7 – sourcing for sound studios to record/mix/stripe sound/music/voice over reads for the videos

8 – sourcing special effects for video and audio of project.

9 – Managing a small production team, transport (of equipment and team) and other logistics

10 – Provision of equipment – be it rental or owned the likes of cameras (stills and /or video), recording microphones, special lenses for each scenario / set.


Qualification Level      Dive Professional – PADI DIVEMASTER (#262869)

Certification Date       2009

Number of Dives         1678
Dive guide for             Fisherman Divers, Tioman

Discovery Divers, Tenggol


Since 2009

Dive Video Projects :   1 – Sime Darby Forest to Reef corporate survey video

2 – Reef Check Malaysia coral surveys

3 – Malaysian Tourism Underwater campaign (Pulau Bidong)

Produced videos (1) and (2), which includes

  • pre-production planning
  • co-writing script
  • shooting (as director)
  • shooting (as underwater cameraman)
  • editing
  • sourcing for music
  • post production


Reality Shows

  • Malaysia’s Most Beautiful

Airdate            2006

Channel           Media Prima

  • Alam Story

Airdate            2009

Channel           8Tv

3-  MTV – Pimp my ride Malaysia (as producer)

Airdate                        2011

Channel           MTV Malaysia

  • Petronas Fueled by Fans, campaign (as producer)

Airdate                        2013

Channel           NTV7

  • What Men Want

Airdate                        2012

Channel           8TV

6     A series of underwater videos / documentaries for REEF CHECK Malaysia and WILD ASIA

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